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Thread: CPanel + PHP

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    Question CPanel + PHP

    I am using PHP under CPanel 5.0.

    Several customers of mine want to use the mb_string and socket functions because they are Japanese and Japanese characters cannot be handled without those modules.

    Is it easy to embedd those modules to CPanel?
    I think it'd be easy. But the server manager is unwilling to recompile PHP in CPanel. Is it so difficult?

    Thanks. Joe.

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    It's really not that difficult, DarkOrb tried to make it as easy as possible to recompile. buildapache.sea is a menu-driven source configuration tool that will let you specify exactly what you want built into the compiled binary. After that, it builds and installs the binaries for you.

    It's great and all, but if there's a module you want that isn't listed in the configuration options, it's back to hand-compiling the source. Which is still no fun.
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