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    * Small Resellers Plan Cpanel/WHM $9.95/month

    <edit> Great responce thanks, its still open, you can also pay $75 for the year for this plan! that is only $6.25/month!</edit>

    Hello People,

    We have almost finished our New Site for the merged companies which have now become iKiwi Internet Limited (NZ).

    We would like to offer this to some people, purhaps as a second resellers account to offer a better service to your clients. This may also be a good plan if you have a few sites of your own - where you could just host them under one plan.

    The Following is 1/2 of our normal Plan one.

    Cpanel WHM 5.0
    You will not be tracked back to iKiwi because we use our anonymous server names "servername"

    Live account activation
    Anonymous DNS Nameservers
    24x7 Technical Support
    Premium Bandwidth (Not CogentCo)
    Anonymous SSL for you and your Clients!
    UNLIMITED Domains Hosted
    UNLIMITED FTP Accounts
    UNLIMITED Sub Domains
    UNLIMITED POP3 Email Accounts
    UNLIMITED Email Lists
    UNLIMITED Email Forwarders
    UNLIMITED Auto Responders
    UNLIMITED MySQL Databases

    500meg Space, 9gig BW/month.
    Only US$9.95/month $0 setup.


    Reseller Extras /month

    IP Addresses $1.50
    Bandwidth (1gig) $3.00
    Disk Space (1gig) $14.95

    Priority phone support via our toll-free numbers in the US and NZ is available for a small monthly fee of $6.95 USD.

    More info is available at or

    This plan is only available by emailing me direct - [email protected]
    Please email me your details the same as requested at

    Your accounts can be setup within 24hours and you can pay once they are setup and not before!

    You can upgrade to any of the other plans at ease anytime.

    We accept most credit cards via, Cheque (check) in NZ, Aussie and UK and of course good old paypal.

    This may be your chance to get into the hosting game!
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    is not that MCHosts cpanel you are using?

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    Originally posted by e-stefan
    is not that MCHosts cpanel you are using?

    No, MC Host do not own cpanel. They simply pay for a license like everyone else from

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    I believe he means the skin. By the way, the horizontal-cpanel.gif screenshot is the one of our skin, taken on one of our workstations. You may use it on MCHost servers, but not on your own servers or when offering your own reseller plans somewhere else. Stick to the terms, please.
    Marc Wyss - [email protected]
    MCHost Inc - Experts in Private Label Reseller Plans

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    Oh sorry,
    Some of Our content has been taken from the HiStyle internet old website, and they are current MChost resellers.

    (iKiwi is being formed from two companies, including HiStyle)

    I'll get that updated ASAP.

    Callum Henderson, is now, bigger and better!

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