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    Are these guys any good, is anybody with them...can someone give me a review of them or an experience with them?

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    Exclamation CHeap UK Hosting are the best!

    I have been through a number of hosts who have all mistreated their customers that was until I found cheap uk hosting, who ever said you get what you pay for must have lied as with cheap uk hosting you get more than you will need. The staff at the website are great they are always there to help and usually get back to you in less than 10 hours. I would reccomend Cheap UK to anyone caus they are simply the best! you cannot get any better than this!

    I would say if you are interested go for it as you have nothing to loose with this company if you dont like them (i doubt you will) they have a money back garuntee for a certain amount of time so like i said you have nothing to loose give it a try

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    Why are both sites registered to

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    Hi. is hosted and we also bought his domain for him, dale had problems with his old host transfferring his domain name so we bought this domain name for him as good will.

    Im not sure about this name, I don't have his domain name to check so I can't help with this one, sorry.
    It seem to be an old post now.


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