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    In Need Of A Powerful Content Management Solution For

    I'm in need of a highly powerful content management solution. Something that can be easily customized and allow myself and visitors to post articles to my web site as well as add resource links and HTML code. I would then need the ability to approve or disapprove of what they post before it goes up.

    It also needs to be deployed quite fast. I don't have any money offer right away, however I will provide whichever company or individual decides to take this project on with a great deal of promotion for a very long period of time. is the site, it targets companies looking to outsource web hosting; especially on the enterprise level, as well as the small business level.

    If possible I'd like to have something up by the end of this month, that is fully functional. Please get back to me if you can offer such a solution.

    Thanks, please email me direct to [email protected].

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