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    Need your recommendations

    I would like your suggestions on a suitable hosting company.
    I will be starting a series of web sites over the next 6-8 months (legitimate morally acceptable businesses, and no excessive emails). These are the basic requirements I will need in a hosting company. I would like to keep it in the $300 - $350 annual range per web site.

    Space approx. 1 gig
    Bandwidth approx. 25gig
    MySQL Databases 10 or more
    POP3 Accounts
    Private IP addresses
    Unlimited email aliases
    Streaming real media
    Unlimited email autoresponders
    Private CGI-bin
    Pre-installed CGI Scripts approx. 10
    Flash-Shockwave support
    XML Support
    VRML Support
    SSH Access
    ImageMagick Support a must
    Control Pannel
    phpMyAdmin Access
    Perl 5
    Java2 SDK
    Anonymous FTP
    Site Statistics

    Please advise if you know of any hosting companies that meet these minimum requirements.
    Thank you

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    majic, you may want to post in the HOSTING REQUESTS forum, as that's where you'll get some strong replies and offers. :-)

    S'all good!
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    Thanks, will do.

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