Hi all,

Is it just me, or are the FrontPage server components too demanding on file & directory permissions? Is there a tool to rebuild FrontPage permissions that will leave intact existing NTFS permissions?

We wrote a nice control panel applet to allow our hosting customers to manage NT users and directory permissions. That's handy when you want to secure a website directory with password authentication.

However, we have since found that by directly manipulating NTFS permissions on a web directory, FrontPage can barf. When researching the permissions created and required by FrontPage, I was shocked -- dozens, maybe hundreds of individual file and directory permissions to track. I wasn't about to kludge up our scripts with this mumbo jumbo, knowing that it'll all change with the next service pack. [And what the heck is Microsoft doing placing these kinds of requirements on such a simple task? There are hundreds of HTML editors out there that get by just fine without all of this cryptic nonsense.]

Is there a tool available that will gracefully rebuild FrontPage's NTFS requirements after we have supplied our own file & directory permissions?

Any help is greatly appreciated.