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    PerlDesk is driving me nuts. Please help

    Ok, PerlDesk is driving me crazy. After i run install.cgi, it says delete it. I delete it and when i try to log in, it just says admin.cgi?do=main and shows a blank page. I have spent 2 hours on trying to get this thing working. I think im using the correct permission levels (755). Please help me on this before i go insane
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    make sure you have all the modules installed. Read the install txt again.

    Also - via ssh, execute pdesk.cgi - that will tell you what modules are missing.

    Seems to be MD5 though

    best of luck!
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    you have the paths wrong i bet! when you run the installer you probably gave it the wrong paths. If i remember correctly when it asks where this will be run from it has to be the full path. for instance or somthing liek that. I remember it had one question that was kind of confusing like that.

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