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    .org or .com: Which one is better

    I have a domain name in mind for a web directory site. It will be free directory but later I plan to turn it to a paid one.
    Both .com and .org versions of that domain are available.
    Which one is suitable for a web directory? .com or .org ?
    or should I buy both of them and point them to the same site?

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    My vote for .com
    But if it is possible, you may buy .net and .org too, and point them to the .com

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    By all means buy both but .org is not suitable for commercial activities.

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    It's a no-brainer: .COM, of course.

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    Domains are so cheap, get both (or even all)
    .com is better if you must pick one.

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    Buy both. Redirect the .org to the .com

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    ALWAYS use the com and get the others to protect your brand

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    Definitely .com as the main site while .net, .org, etc are used to complement it.

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    Have you ever heard the story about a government who bought the domain name for ""... and a business that bought the domain name
    There is a moral to this story ( displayed lots, but moral ethics was not a strong suit)

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    Start with the .com and if you are building a brand, you really want to get as many as you can, something like this as an order :
    com / net / org / info / eu and asia
    You can go down the route of getting ccTLDs but .EU should be ok for Europe pressence and .ASIA for Asia, you have all bases covered and all of the above for under $50, quite cheap for a brand.

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    weboman Guest
    COM is the best !
    But it is better to take .net and .org
    and direct them to your site .
    And you have to take into account the annual renew fee for
    all these domains .

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    As others have said, .com is the best solution. But, buying both will protect your brand.
    All the best,

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    I like .org for open source and freeware, and non profit organizations.
    For businesses .com and .net is absolutely essential..

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