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    Ok Iím going to drop this post here and then run for my life LOL Because I have an idea what the response will be.

    No mater what board I visit everyone has this deep hatred for Bill Gates and Microsoft.

    Now I must admit I know very little about computers but I know that they canít run with out an operating system and that would be windows.

    I have only gotten into computer in the last 5 years (had a late start lol)

    But all an all I donít have a problem with windows or IE.

    I run win 2000 pro and before that NT4.0 and they both run very well.
    I see nothing out there that can hold a candle to windows as of yet, so why are the majority of the people out there against Microsoft?? I would hate to see what a computer would look like with out it.

    Love to hear your thoughts

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    There is a very large difference from a personal workstation, to a production server.

    All too often the pricing schemes, upgrade paths directly affect the IT workers that must support it.

    Like the misuse of the TCP stack in windows 98, stick a laptop that cannot gain an IP onto a corporate network and it will make up it's own IP, and the chance of it being a mail server in Oregon serving 3200 Poultry Company Corporate Employees because it just so happened that the IP it made up when not being able to contact the DHCP server was of that Mail Server, no mail.

    It goes on and on, Bill Gates has no balls
    Production Servers and Workstations need large balls.
    <:<: [Fruit eating linux administrator]

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    the following comments are just my worthless opinion(s):

    i think majority of people that dont like him are jealous cause of how succesful he was. i mean come on the man dropped out of harvard (good hting though). the first windows os' was built in a little under like 48 hours. thought i think the reason linux is so common for like servers and stuff is becasue its free...which inturn means more profit. as for work stations i believe windows is used just cause its like the most user friendlt os around.....

    just my worthless two cents...
    -Robert Norton

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    Microsoft tools are always user friendly and easy to use. That is why it is so popular and it is obvious that people can make some jokes on it. Kudos Bill Gates.

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