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    getting a gst number in canada

    I have a company registered as sole proprietor in ontario canada.

    How do u go about getting a gst number? and if my sales are under 30 thousand per year, is it even worth it? I know you can claim your gst costs on it, so i was assuming it would save me money as i could claim alot of the hardware and stuff we buy.

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    I'd also be interested in this...

    Also, does everyone charge pst and gst? just pst? just gst? or neither!?

    Tax time won't be fun

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    If your servers and bandwith are in Canada and you are paying GST on them it might be worth getting a GST number so you can claim it.But if your servers are in the U.S.A. your not paying GST anyway you might want to wait. Here's a link with GST info:

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    If you are in business you really should invest in the time of an accountant - even a free thirty minute consultation that most accountants offer just to get you started with incorporation, GST, accounting, etc.

    Most money you pay to an accountant comes back ten-fold when you get to tax time - they are worth what you pay. Don't be scared away either, most will offer you a free consultation just to get your basic questions answered.

    They do this free consultation under the expectance that you will come to them when you need services that will be paid however, it's their investment.

    Also, just so you know, large accounting firms will work with smaller companies for shares. KPMG offered to do all of my accounting work free of charge for equity instead of cash. This is great if you are just starting out!
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    Thanks for the info guys!

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    I choose not to charge GST because it allows me to keep my prices low. Contact revenue Canada if you're interested in obtaining a GST number.

    Remember, sales made though your website to residents outside of Ontario do not pay PST.


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