View Poll Results: Anyone have a client ask why their Credit Card Bill has someone else's name on it?

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  • I bill in my own name

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    Someone else's name on CC Statement

    Something that has always crossed my mind but I never have looked into it.

    Has anyone ever had a customer/client complain, ask or inquire why your name is not on their credit card bill? Or is this just a common standard today?
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    When we first began, and prior to billing in our own name, there was the occasional problem of chargebacks occurring. Primarily because the client did not recognize the charge since it was placed in a name that didn't trigger "hosting" in their minds.

    It helps to post on the payment page, in big bold letters, what they should expect to see on their statements. This doesn't help much with some businesses, were the "web guru" who submitted the payment is not the same as the "accountant" who got the bill, and the communication between the two is faulty. This is where we saw the confusion most. For the majority of others all was fine.
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    That seems logical. Personally I don't give it much thought when I go to a payment provider anymore. I only thing I think of is that someone is saving the monthly statement fees for a higher % which means they must have lower credit card volume than someone else in the same business.
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