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    In the past, it was possible to get seperate IP's for each client....but now I am seeing that most resellers are offering shared IP's and using name based rather than dedicated IP's. Never having used this method before, what happens if there are DNS issues, as there is no IP to use to find the site? Is this an issue that has been encountered? If so, how is the problem solved.

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    Hello... Depending on what software you use there may be different answers. For example, if you use name based hosting and you have dns issues and are using cpanel or someting that uses a apache directive called userdir, you can reach your page using the main ip address of the server with a /~username after it and be able to access the page that has that username. This is also how you can use a shared SSL certificate.

    I hope this answers your question....

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    There is an IP to find the site - it's the shared IP. The protocol HTTP 1.1 handles the request through the shared environment.

    Each site on the shared environment gets an entry in the zone file, and generally this is then borken into individual DNS zones for each account, and displayed separately through the control panel.

    Name based hosting is the best thing to happen to web hosting, since, well web hosting began.

    Your main reseller account should get it's own IP's though, for use for your name servers etc. All your resold accounts would sit on a shared IP.

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    Name based really is the way to go for resellers. It allows more flexibility in creating sites since you don't have to constantly wait for IPs. It is also cheaper.

    As a reseller you can even enable the clients to visit their site through your domain name. but some systems will count their bandwidth against you.

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