Sales Representatives
Our sales representatives have been very satisfied with our plan. What they would do is bring a customer and depending on what package they bought from us, they would in return get a yearly pay from that package.
Linux Entry: If the customers bought our linux entry package monthly, our sale representative would get a flat fee of 20 dollars (if after a year has passed and our client is satisfied (so far 100% of our clients are) and decides to stay with us for another year then the sales representative would get paid 20 dollars a year until that customer decides to leave. If the customer chooses linux entry monthly the sales rep. would be payed a fee of 20 a year the first year and 30 dollars a year after the previous years.
Linux Personal: Monthly: 25 a year and 30 after first year. Yearly: 40 a year and 45 afterward.
Linux Business: Monthly : 30 the first year and then 35 after the first year. Yearly: 45 first year and 50 afterwards.
Linux E-Commerce: Monthly: 35 a year and then 40 afterwards. Yearly: 50 a year and then 55 after the first year.

If you have any questions PM us again. We look forward to talking to you .

You can have a quota on how much money you want to earn until you want us to drop you the money. Payments are given either via paypal or another distribution method (we would have to talk about other distribution methods).