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    Question Titles

    What do the titles mean under each person, like i am a Newbie?
    Well i know that i am New, but just curious, how do you get promoted? By the number of posts u write? By how long you were registered to
    i realize this might be the wrong category to place this thread, but i was wondering.

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    It is based on the number of posts you have. Posters with 500+ get to choose their own
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    Yeah, its determined by your number of posts. You can edit your title once you've got more then 500 posts. Just remember, spamming to get your post count up would just mean an additional ban by the mods, so don't.
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    maybe we should change it to by how long we've been here.......

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    Originally posted by akash
    maybe we should change it to by how long we've been here.......
    heh, 2 years plus - "creaking fossil"

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