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Thread: On a plate...

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    On a plate...

    I'm offering myself on a plate

    I am about to start University next month and am looking for some sort of employment to get me through it. I currently work for Currys and am fed up of the tough work which I can't stand doing - I am looking here as I would like work in something that I am interested in.

    I can be online at certain times of the day if pre-arranged or I am also online a lot in general. I will be having a lot of free time particularly at weekends.

    I feel I would be a valuable asset for the right company for these reasons:

    • A lot of companies have weaker support at the weekend. Some don't even have any support until Monday! As we know support is the most crucial element of a webhosting company. I am able to handle first-line support quickly, effectively, politly and professionally via Email, helpdesk, forums, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ etc etc. (gee that was a long one)
    • I have plenty of knowledge of Windows 2000 Server with IIS5, Hsphere, Cpanel and Webhostingmanager. I have the ability to learn very quickly if required.
    • Experienced with web technologies such as ASP, PHP, HTML. I for example one of your clients is having problems with a script I can be on hand to help
    • I am a dedicated individual - often going out of my way to help out in extra ways for example debugging a clients script they can't get to work.
    • I have setup many scripts in the past and could be a valuable asset to liase with your clients and assist them in this matter.
    • With my website design and development experience I am able to create (if need be), modify and update your (or your clients if need be) websites.

    You can see from the reasons listed above that I have a multitude of skills which could benefit your company and it's profitibility. Another advantage is that being in the UK if for example you are in the US, I can cover the night shifts easier as it is when it would be early morning over here (If I recall correctly)

    If you would like to contact me please email [email protected],
    visit my website
    ICQ: 75410378,
    AIM: Windydesigns,
    MSN [email protected]
    Tel: 07732 060412

    Or alternativly reply below. I am very negotiable and if you have any other circumstances for employment I would be glad to discuss them.

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    Looks good

    It definitely wouldn't be difficult for you to find some work as long as your rates are reasonable.. good luck!
    Have you Floble'd today?

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    Thanks for the good words - you would think so woundn't you. I understand that I am not the most experienced person, and don't pass myself off as it but I have a really strong enthusiasm and dedication to such a job.

    PS: Edited first post as the hyperlinks were wrong.

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    I don't see any sales skills there? It is a pity, because we are looking for a sales person.

    if interested, mail me.

    Life is too short to correct 1 mistake !

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    Knew I missed something

    I have experience in sales when I ran my own hosting company prior to selling it.

    I am still looking for a job as it appears the one which I had almost sorted probably isn't going to work out.

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