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    ?transfer domain from CW

    I purchased a couple of domain names from the now defunct Cyberwings. They actually still had info on domains at their now skinny website and it took me to secureservers and there I found I could still manage my change the dns ect. Should I transfer my domain to someone else because at some point I might not be able to access my account or is it safe leaving it where it is while I try out different web hosts and just changing the dns info.

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    Just change it to a friend's site or something.. you don't stand a chance to lose anything anyway. Better then leaving it in their hands.. my $0.02
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    Your domain is actually registered at CW only acted as a reseller for them.

    If you go to and you click on "manage my account" you'll probably be able to log into your domain account from there as well. Which means you have no worries in case the cyberwings page goes down.

    Just make sure you remove all traces of CW owning the domain from your domain information just in case. Should be no need to transfer.

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    I would feel more comfortable transfering my domain out of CW, but would not feeled rushed about it. (for CW) might be best if you like the CW system or any of the others you read about here.

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