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    Question changing server names at rackshack

    changing server names
    I recently leased 4 unix servers with redhat from rackshack. I called tech support and told them, I wanted to start the lease signup but I wasn't sure what the domain names were going to be the the servers. I was told on the phone "No problem, just sign up you can change the names later." I have 2 servers with domain names(server names) that are not correct, those names point somewhere else. We are doing named hosting.
    I understand that I can add new domains thru the rackshack dns panel, but when I do, I see two servers with names that are not correct. I've spent to much time on the phone with rackshack. Called tech support they sent me to billing, billinig sent me to customer service, customer service sent me to tech support, tech sent me to trouble ticket. One week later, this is the response.
    Dear Customer,

    There is a fee for us to change the domain name on the server. It is $21.32. If you would like us to change the domain name on you server, please open another ticket asking us to do so and agreeing to the charges.

    Customer Service

    I would have waited to signup if I had known there was a fee. I don't mind paying for services if I'm told about them up front.

    My questions are these, Is it important that I change the names and can I do it myself? I don't see any way at the rackshack panel?
    Who would you suggest I contact to get this cleared up?
    don't say the daisy chain?
    Thanks for your help and time

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    Are you referring to just what they have named each machine? Cuzz when they build a box they have to assign it something. You can change the name of the machine via telnet, but beware as it could screw some things up. Unless it is absolutely necessary, I'd just leave it as and keep pressing forward.

    What the machine's name is really has nothing to do with what sites or domains can be hosted, or even what your name servers have to be named.

    Hey, do you use rackshack's support forums? I have found them to be one of the most helpful support resources around. Most of the replies are from other customers, not RS themselves.

    Hey, any idea where they came up with $21.32? What a funny looking price - or does that include Marsh's sales tax?

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