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    My day of hell the 13th

    Well if I did not wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. ( it's now 5:13 am NYT and I am going to bed after a phone call )

    hmm let's start :

    wake up because my pager just started to go hay wire

    guess what it was

    DNS problem. Hell has no furry like a win server with DNS problems. second server picket up the slack but I don't like seeing the cpu at 60%. solve problem in the hour and can not goto bed OK go to the office it's 7am

    get to office

    ok let's get some coffee ... short walk ... get coffee .. get coffee spilled all over me ... great now I have wet pants from my waist line to my ankles ( yes I look just like I piss in my pants ).

    so slug back into my office, go into bathroom lock the door, wash pants, hang them out to dry, wash the jockey's also.

    so here i am in my office, walking around from the waste down with only :

    a) black socks
    b) my johnson and murphy shoes
    c) my white oxford shirt ( which somehow did not get a coffee stains )

    Nothing better than a breeze let me tell you. now I understand why women sometimes walk without panties. My secratary thought it was a rather pleasent change not having to see me but just hear me and get my note from under the door.

    so I order take out food from the asian place up the block.
    RULE 1 ) Never eat food with it flapping in the breeze, hot fluids drip at the worst time ( murphy's law )
    RULE 2) Screaming in pain and or fustrations will only lead to further embarassment with your secratery.

    1:30 PM
    Verio is dropping in and out via chicago and seattle, ping times go from 48 ms to 250ms on e-mail servers, a rush of complaints. make a draft letter for verio and have the secratary proof everything and correct everything.

    2:30 pm
    phone call with client about price break ( client is moving 200+ gigs, ), I tell the client of my slight problems of the day, client want a phone call at 6 am saturday morning ( in about half an hour from now ) to discuss his issue for a discount ( are you reading this Rick )

    3:00 pm'ish new server ordered, and it failed my breakin test, ask the datacenter to send it back. there is another 35 bucks in shipping.

    4:30 pm get the news that I have to attend a social this evening where I will be elected as a chairperson, "oh goody, I get to walk outside with wet pants and look like a total nut job"

    4:45 pm sent the secratary to CVS for a blow dryer

    5:00 pm to 5:45 pm spent blow drying my pants

    7:pm get home, take a hot bath, relax with a glass of wine, glass of wine falls in the tub and breaks. nothing better then wondering where the glass will pierce untill you get out.

    8:pm ok get dressed, get into car, does not want to start ( left parking lights on ) call AAA and get a jump.

    9:45 I'm late, I get to the social, I miss the food and I have been elected without the chance of me protesting ( I really don't want it )

    2 am well I think it's time to go. But wait, there is MRS Sterling with her evil eye honing in on me and this will be another round of torture.

    I've lost track of time, I am pinned by 3 ugly women that have all sort of demands : I have agreed to the following terms for surrender :
    a) that I will have some opera music played
    b) that the affair will be black tie required
    c) women in ball gowns
    d) top drawer settings
    e) lilack theme

    many other things are agreed to. I will plead complete drunkeness at the following meeting

    UUHHGG mayday mayday, please shoot me, I want to go home, it's 3 am and I am not permitted to take a cab home, "we need you sober tommarow for some other issues we will talk about " this is turning into a nightmare. I have visions of men chasing me in white overcoats and me happily compliying

    ok, somehow somebody smuggles me out and get's me into a cab. home at last with 3 messages.

    a) hi, it's you lawyer, we need to talk about some things

    b) Hi, it's your brother ( I only speak with 1 time every 6 months because it's impossible to find him )

    c) Hi, it MRS Sterling I want to talk about some further ideas with you in the morning


    well anyway it's 5:50 am I got a call to make in 10 minutes then I'm off to bed.

    I am Mike From ADEHOST.Com, Multidomain Windows hosting with Cold Fusion and ASP and Dot.NET Also offering multi-domain Unix hosting. silently, each one should ask, Have I done my daily task. Have I kept my honor bright, can I sleep without guilt tonight. Have I done and have I did, everything, to be prepared. - our motto to maintain services.

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    Ouch ... mine wasnt to bad ... just lost a soccer match after being 3-0 up!
    [email protected]
    "We look after our customers, or someone else will"

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    ADEhost, are you talking about what you do daily?

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    what a day

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    ouch my dad was ok, i got drunk an came home, woke up without too much of a hangover 2

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    Originally posted by tazd9t9
    ouch my dad was ok, i got drunk an came home, woke up without too much of a hangover 2

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    Ispent the whole day mailing ppl | mailto: [email protected] | ASP.NET-MS SQL-Cold Fusion hosting| Cheap domain registration | MSN : [email protected] |

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    nothing bad for me! I watched the moving Changing Lanes last night with Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson. Talk about a f***ed up day! Great movie by the way

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    awesome movie that and john q...friday was an ok day spent 7 hours jacking aorund with some freaking network (oh dont you jsut love xp)
    -Robert Norton

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