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    we need Good.. no Great Perl support

    Hello we get a few support questions from our customers when they can't get perl scripts and sometimes php and maybe a few other "technical" problems on 3rd parth scripts.. We are looking for someone that KNOWS perl/php and just scripting in general that would like to make a few extra $$ handling these as they come in.. Some months we might only get 2 tickets and some months 10-15 problems.. We don't like to troubleshoot 3rtd party programs but if someone out there is really really really good and fast and can respond to our email and get moving right away we want to hire you for an on-going support help..

    I know most people want to pay you $1.00 a ticket but I think if you know what you are doing you should be able to get simple path to perl problems and other things like this fixed really quick so we are looking at $10/ticket.

    Please send me you information.. we will test you on a tough script and see how you do. . Of course no worries if you get the script to work we will be paying for your efforts.

    If you have any questions please let us know.

    this could turn into more work if you also do programming but right now we have that covered but can always use good people..

    Again Perl is what we need 95% of the problems come from 3rd party perl scripts.


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    Pl send us the script, we are ready.

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