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    NOC with virus scanning service.

    Recently went a Sendmail seminar and have heard of certain NOC provide virus scanning service on network devices such as switch and gateway. This will reduce overhead on having an AV program installed locally on a server. Anyone know any NOC that offer such service of dedicated machine?

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    I'm sorry, but on a switch/gateway ? I can't imagine that, as it would mean a terrible slowdown on a serious network, as all TCP packets would need to be linked, interpreted and scanned.
    My best suggestion would be a local sendmail scanner, right on your server, so that only the necessary traffic is being scanned.


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    silly me...maybe I got it wrong or they were implying to something in the to buck-up my english .

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    Star Internet do that...

    All emails go through something like 5 virus scanning workstations that are updated something like very 10mins.

    We use them at work - no virus has entered our company via email in TWO years!


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