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    Question High quality dedicated server provider - which one?

    I'm currently considering geting a new dedicated server. The provider must be of high quality and prove it. Out of the ones I've seen they would be: tera-byte, ventures online, Those are the types of providers I'm looking at, but haven't found exactly what I need yet or pricing issues.

    My specs are (dedicated server):

    Intel Pentium III - 800Mhz or better
    256+ MB RAM
    20+ GB Hard Drive
    Redhat Linux
    Admin Control Panel - Cpanel or Plesk
    Full email control panel
    100+ GB Bandwidth
    Backup of Site for quick re-start should a database crash or a major problem occured. (I want to be up and running with the latest backup quickly - prefer daily backup).
    Guranteed 99% uptime with monitoring - must be qualified to prove it.
    Free 24/7 Tech Support.
    Ability to help with installing software, scripts, etc. (would pay for installs/setup).
    No additional fees for more memory, control panels, etc. I excpect to pay for additional bandwidth.

    I'm running a forum, just like the one here using Vbulletin software and require a VERY good host that's there when I need them, can install software for me (I just don't have the time anymore), restore MySQL crashes (it happens on occasion), etc.


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    Well, one dedicated host that needs no convincing as very high quality is

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    Originally posted by GeorgeC
    Well, one dedicated host that needs no convincing as very high quality is
    I 've recently went to rackspace for quote on their dedi, they ask to many questions (like budget and other competitor in consideration etc)just for a quote, I personally do not like it as I consider that to be subjetc discriminatory pricing. But words has it that they got a good support around and a few server that I have lookup on netcraft have an average of 50-60 uptime -- if they just give a standard quote first perhaps I will reveal more info to them later.....

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    List of hosts NOT on my list

    I have ruled out the following for reasons besides price. I don't mind paying for quality service, but I MUST have a good support staff, the ability to have them install scripts on the sever and 99% guranteed uptime that's PROVEN.

    Ruled out:


    Rackspace (most likely)


    Dell (yes, Dell, haven't had luck with their support)

    Ventures Online (charge monthly for extra memory or other custom configs - give me a break!!)

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    I can highly vouch for here.

    I got a dedicated for half a month there now, and i'm more than happy, better said, very impressed of their network and costumer service!
    Their NOC is staffed 24/7 so even if i got some problems here in Europe, when it's late night there, i get answers in minutes ... it's really amazing
    As i got a quote from them, they were very nice were willingly to deal with me, so in the end i got a good price and a costum made package which fits my needs
    I'd rate them 9/10
    Well, enough praising now
    Drop [email protected] a mail with your requirements, and i'm sure they got a nice deal for you!

    In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.

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    I can recommend VenturesOnline from personal experience, their service is pretty good and reliable.

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