Using namecheap as both the registrar and nameserver, I click on:

1) Modify Domains

2) Modify Hosts/URL Forwarding

The first column states: "Hostname:

In the first text box under "Hostname", there's " www " in the text box

In the second text box under "Hostname", there's " @" in the text box

I assume I then modify the URL address in the "address" text box.

Why does the "Hostname" text boxes contain "www" and " @ "

Should I leave them there?

I simply want to set my URL's to forard.

will http://(without the www) as well as ?

In the last column, why does it state "MX Pref" and have a 1 or 10 in that text box?

It's a little suprising that there is no help or explanation of how to set up simple URL forwarding and what these functions mean.

Anyone who's set up URL forwarding, email forwarding, or subdomains on namecheap's server, please assist.