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    PHP programmer/program needed


    I have a client who wants a php program much like a dating program made for him here is what he wants.

    The client to be able to create their own profile (username ,password etc) and also to be able to upload their own profiles containing up to 4 pics (and a load of text about the type of people they are looking for) which appear as thumbnails then enlarge when clicked on.

    The site will be free for everybody to join,but should they wish to contact another advertiser they have to pay a fee.

    If one advertiser contacts another they must log into the sytem to do it therefore no personal email address's will be enchanged.

    A newsletter script so the client can get the people to also sign up for the newsletter as part of their sign up process and that the client can send a newsletter out once a month etc etc.

    The owner of the site must be able to log in and add/delete profiles as and when he see's fit to do so. Therefore what he will have is a database of his clients.

    This is for an adult dating site and will need to have some kind of support from the program writer.

    It will also be a UK based website so none of those american scripts where it has a long list of states need be required. an rough idea of what he wants is Here if you go to that site then click on latest adverts. You'll see that it is the pictures that help sell the site so thats exactly what my client requires.

    If you can do the job at a good price then please PM me. I do not want any offers posted under this thread, because you just get people undercutting each other and then maybe not being able to produce the goods.

    I would also like you to have a portfolio of work that I can see before I could award this job to anybody.

    Thanks for your time

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