Hello everyone...

We would like to make you aware of some great deals at Digital Isles.

All of these accounts are on Dual Processor machines and our services are NOT oversubscribed. We also use the Global Compass Data Center with redundant tier 1 bandwidth providers.

All of the accounts also come with an Enom reseller account at the $6.95 rate at no additional cost.

This is a summary of our plans which all include WHM access, for more details, please visit us at http://www.digitalisles.com

Nano Reseller - $15.00
1GB Disk Space
10Gb Bandwidth

Micro Reseller - $29.00
2GB Disk Space
20Gb Bandwidth

Mini Reseller - $42.00
3GB Disk Space
30Gb Bandwidth

Macro Reseller - $54.00
4GB Disk Space
40Gb Bandwidth

Should you have more information contact us directly at [email protected].