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    * Customer Support Representative Jobs Available @ MCHost

    We are currently have immediate needs for 2 more support representatives at MCHost.

    Required Experience
    -RedHat Linux
    -Programming experience such as PHP and/or Perl preferred.

    These positions are available immediately, we are looking for people that are able to get started within days, and not at any specific location, so if you wish, you can work from home or in one of our currently 3 global office locations (not required).

    Job Details
    These 2 positions are for customer support representatives, 100% support tickets related to domain name problems, email problems, dns problems, etc. Satisfactory work is expected.

    Salary Range
    Depending on your experience and working hours.

    Please send an email with:

    -Your resume
    -Work hours (ie. Mon-Fri from 8am to 4pm, etc.)
    -Previous work experience; previous employers
    to [email protected]

    Marc Wyss - [email protected]
    MCHost Inc - Experts in Private Label Reseller Plans

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    Sales support

    I could do some sales support, I'm not insanely technically oriented in this industry, but I have an excellent overview of it, and ability to sell and work well witih clients. Just closed a big ad deal on my hosting resource center,

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