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    Question selling a hosting biz

    Know anybody interested in buying some business?
    I have a hosting business of about 200 clients.

    I loved building the hosting business, but I was accepted to graduate school this summer, and have received grants and scholarships to make it possible for me to go.

    I have a lot of time invested in building the business so I don't want to just let it all gok but it would not be fair to my clients to only be available part time.

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    I run my hosting biz part time
    and it works for my customer i now have 7 servers

    how much are you looking for

    I am also in the uk

    Cheers Pete

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    how much do you want for your hosting company?

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    Beautiful suburb of Chicago

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    email me for discussion

    jsierra @ dominet . n e t
    Joman Sierra

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    What are you charging them per month and what are you giving them for it?
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    The business operates from four domains with various priced packages.
    The two main sites offer hosting of different packages.
    The least expensive is mostly churches and ministries. With the primary package of 100 MB / $10 per month or $120/yr

    A more business customer oriented site has 25 MB for $15/ month & 100 MB for $40 /month. I offer 15% discount for annual payment on this site.

    Domain names for $25 1 year or $35 2 year.

    There are several designers with multiple sites, I give them a break at $8 / 100 MB.

    Income is 2,000 + per month. Total revenue $25,000+ annually.

    I host now on a dedicated 1.6 GHz Unix system. 1 GB RAM and SCSI HDDs.
    The server is on a month to month for under $600/month.

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    Offering sites, domains, DNS, Domain renewals, BulkRegister account (104 domains registered) DotRegistrar account (112 domains registered), Server if wanted, design work etc.

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