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    How long before active?

    I just signed up with my first host today at about 17:00. The account doesn't seem to be active yet though (I can't access my control panel it just keeps asking for my password over and over).

    The email they sent said "your
    account will be set up as soon as possible"

    How long does it normally take for an account to be set up?



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    It really depends on the company; however, most I have seen setup accounts usually in a few minutes to a few hours.. maximum time is usally 24-48 hours.
    Jason Mansfield - jmansfie [at]

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    JC, just give it some time (some more than others).. but one thing's for sure: you'll be cookin' soon! :-)
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    did you just buy your domain? If you did then that maybe why your account isn't accessible. Usually hosting companies set up accounts almost instaneously, but it takes around 12-24 hours for your domain registration to work.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Csoves, the domain is registered but I've changed the nameservers and am waiting on that to have effect.

    I should still be able to access my control panel though (shouldn't I?) as that is just done through the hosts site (the address is something like I go there and it asks for my username and password but it won't let me in.



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    Some are instantly done with scripts, others are done by hand. When by hand, it can take a while. When by scripts, things can screw up and it can take longer.

    With so many brand new hosts you just may be the first customer they have and they're scrambling to get you set up, but you never really know.
    Travis Doherty
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    Hmm.. some hosts manage to have reseller accounts setup the second payment is recieved! Account, WHM access, etc, all that!

    Amazing aint it?

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    I think that within 16-24 hours your account should be setup. if you wait longer than that, the host may not be so reliable after all - so be careful


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    I waited for about 12 hours to get my info from dixiesys. It was well worth it, though

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