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    A little help with phpAdsNew needed :)

    After downloading and tinkering with the newer release of phpAdsNew, I have found that I cannot seem to get the banners to show as they should, the only thing that shows is a red X.

    What I need help doing is displaying the banners for clients, I would greatly appreciate any help. I have looked over the PDF manuals although I seem to be missing something or just have looked over it.

    Again, any help would be most appreciated .



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    are the images uploaded?
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    Yes, I tried uploading them to the banners directory and using MySQL to store the banners, neither worked and still produced an 'X'.

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    did you check the banners directory to confirm they uploaded? Sometimes you'll need to make sure the folder itself has the right permission to accept an upload.

    Can you right click the banner and check it's properties. Generally when an image goes pear shaped on anything I install the first thing I check is the path the image is supposedly coming from. Often it turns out to be a quirk in the config file that I've entered wrong (extra slash, or something)

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    I found I had to delete the ' from the bannercode


    <a href=''>
    <img src='' border='0' alt='test'></a>
    had to delete ' so example

    <a href=>
    <img src= border=0 alt=test></a>
    Hope this helps!

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    So basically I would just replace 'abc54c3d' with the client ID or name? If so, I appreciate the help very much, I do appreciate it .


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    no I put that as an example

    I said I had to delete the ' from the code
    thats why i put examples 1 with ' and one without

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