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    Home solar and/or wind power, how long to break even point?

    Do any of you reading this have a solar system and/or mini windmill setup for your home?
    If so, how long do you expect it to take before you reach the break-even point?
    A few years back I calculated the cost for where I live (with various government rebates, etc) and it would have taken between 6-7 years to recoup. Without the government incentives it would take probably twice as long.
    One day, when I am no longer renting, I plan to make an attempt at becoming fully or very close to fully energy independent with solar, wind and whatever other methods are available to me.


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    What a great thread.
    I was going to install a 4Kw solar (20 x 215w panels) and 1Kw wind turbine (Whisper 200) setup to our house, but we're scaling that back, to a 1Kw solar and maybe a 1Kw wind system.
    We can get $8k in rebates for the 1Kw solar system ($8/watt for a max of 1,000 watts) plus maybe another $1k in RECS, so our out of pocket is around $3k for an $12k asset added to the house. That's a good deal to me.
    The reason I'm scaling back the solar setup in our current home is we're looking to sell up and move up to the beach, in the next 12 to 18mths (looking to buy the land in the next few weeks) so we'll go the full solar setup up there at the beach, when I build a real "green" 100% self sufficient home. Wind will also work better up there too, with the ocean breezes pretty constant.
    We'll get more output from our location now with the solar, over the wind turbine, but I still want a 1Kw Whisper 200 wind turbine on the roof - if the council will allow it.
    Adding solar panels and wind turbines to your roof is not for everyone, but it is a viable option for those who do feel compelled to take this path. I see it as being smarter and more sustainable about how we power our homes, and solar is only getting cheaper, and dirty power from coal fired power stations will only get more expensive, as carbon taxes are added.

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