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    Request - Linux BASH Scripting

    I am in need of help. I am currently trying to create a bash script which I will run off a loop with a sleep interval that will query tcpdump (udp packets only) on a network interface, and is looking for length 10 packets.
    So far so good, not that hard to code I know (Already made it / coded it this far perfectly). Now here is the tricky part, I only want the bash script to identify IP's that have sent over 15 packets with the length of 10. (This is the part that I can't seem to find a way to code).
    I was thinking, from the output maybe to calculate the number of lines with the same equal IP's.
    Once this script identifies that, it will automatically run a command which I have set. (Quite easy, and I can do this).
    I am looking for someone to help me with this. It is a fairly simple and quick job (editing the script I have at the moment). I am willing to also pay (if needed) an amount for this to be completed too. Obvieusly not that much, but still something I am sure we can work out.
    Please PM me if you are interested with your MSN Messenger address.

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    This would be better suited in the job request forum.

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    Ah yes please.

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