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    Question Toll free number forwarding

    Can anyong recommend an 800, 877, or 888 number forwarded with just a monthly fee and no minute fees, if such services exist?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Just picked up a toll-free number... I didn't see anything like what you are describing. I got a decent deal I think from a reliable provider. I chose not to do the unknown company thing the price difference wasn't enough to put the customer's impression at risk. I got $5 month and 6.5cents/minute from Bellsouth small business services. And I got to choose the number, provided it was available. AT&T has a search function that comes in handy at

    It does wildcards and letters! I found it there, and bought it through Bellsouth. Had a problem with AT&T raising rates on me recently.

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    7,147 is the closest thing I can think of....

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    Unfortunately no such plan exists. How would the company make money if you used 1000 minutes of international calling? I have spent some time on the subject and have narrowed it down to two choices. -


    Option 1: Pick number from a list of about 100 available:
    For 800 $5 + $5 One Time Install Fee
    For 888/877/866 $2 + $2 One Time Install Fee

    Option 2: Pick your own number
    $10 a month + $10 install fee

    FLAT 6.9/minute for entire country

    Then there is:
    Fees are a bit higher, but there are many options of plans. Minutes must be purchased in blocks, and rates are a bit higher. You can not pick your own number.

    Both companies are well respected, and offer Fax and Voicemail services, along with forwarding the calls to any number of your choice instantly via a web panel. Kall8 also allows you to block some calls, regions, or even area codes.

    Use the SEARCH function on the forums and you'll find pleanty of information on both companies, along with many more I havent listed. Good luck, and let us know what you decide on

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    We use PNG (PowerNet Global), doesn't come like you are describing but I forward my number to my mobile phone, so I can get my calls anywhere. What is great you pretty much pay for what you use and that is it, my bill has ranged anywhere from $4.00 to a high of $15.00 but hasn't ever been more than that even with high usage.

    Check them out at /
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    Is there anyone you know of who provides these numbers and forwards the calls overseas? I'm in Australia, and would like a toll free number in the US for US customers to call.

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