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    Question anyone have w i s e h o s t ?

    Does anyone here have w i s e h o s t ???

    I signed up with them end of July, and so far have had speed issues, various downtime (unexplained) ect.

    I put in a trouble ticket a week ago, on speed issues (I mean comon, I get anywhere from 16k (no NOT a typo) to about 78k MAX from their website in the past month or so. When I first signed up in late july, I was hitting 100k+ speeds all the time.

    Also a week ago, I put in a trouble ticket about my bandwidth meter being stuck on 1.78 meg. No reply about it yet.

    Anyone else having these issues with them, or is it just me, or am I the only one who has them (then where is all the speed probs coming from???)


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