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    Looking for a sysadmin

    I am looking for a sysadmin for a permanent position(s). The work can be done remotely.

    A must:
    - above 20 y.o.
    - RedHat, FreeBSD.
    - Plesk and/or Cpanel and/or Ensim
    - qmail, named, IPchains etc
    - PHP, PERL, MySQL
    - good writing skills (English)
    - reliable internet connection

    - knowledge of C
    - contact phone
    - ability to be available anytime if needed
    - ability to work unsupervised
    - some references would be great

    I am not looking for a customer support people... this is a pure sysadmin position.

    PM your resumes. Please indicate what is your desired fee - both hourly and per month. Looking for a most experienced and less expensive individuals Non US people are welcome.

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    Would be helpful if you post what company this is for, and some stats?
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    I have all of the required and I know C too, but I'm only 17. My dialup is reliable but it's not broadband.
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    Why the 20 y/o requirement?

    I have over 4 years (yes I have been using Linux since I was about 13 or so) Linux experience + nearly a year of C experience (am required to write C programs on a regular basis for Uni projects) but am only 18 y/o.

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