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    Question Examples of apache, php, ssl compiled from the source ???

    Hi ...

    This is my first post here at wht so here it goes ...

    Usualy I work with rh7.3 and freebsd 4.6 and in both i just setup apache, php mod_ssl by rpm (rh) and ports (freebsd).

    In rh i do not compile from the source but I think it's time now for i try to do it because i can not wait for red hat to launch new versions of apache and php.

    My question is ... wich modules sould i load and how in apache ?
    How to compile with mod_ssl ?
    Wich php addons sould i compile ?

    I know that this is up to me to decide, but, can you post here some exemples of your ./configure for apache and php ?

    Thanks in Advance


    PS - Sorry for my English
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