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    Question Bandwidth Accounting and Billing

    I've searched and can't find the answers, so few more questions on Bandwidth and Billing.

    I'm wondering if there an 'industry standard' for bandwidth accounting/billing, to clarify:
    Almost all plans offer a certian GB/MB per month bandwidth usage, is this generally accepted to include outgoing and incomming usage or just outgoing?

    The term GigaByte, people use this to refer to a plain 1,000,000,000 bytes or 1024x1024x1024 bytes?
    I.e. 8 giga bits, or ~8.59 giga bits?

    I can see the sense of billing outgoing for simple web pages, as most traffic is outgoing from the server, but if the system is used by clients as POP3 server shouldn't both ways be billed or is this classed as double billing?
    Guess the last question: are log files part of a users quota?

    On a shared server, the only way to account usage for a particular user is through processing the log files?
    On Redhat Linux being
    /var/log/maillog - greping to or from addresses on a domain and adding sizes for non-local traffic.
    /var/log/Xferlog - greping on multiple user names and adding sizes.
    -simple as each domain can have it's own log file, so get requests and simple be added together.
    Wold you bother, can it really generate that much traffic?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Bandwidth should always be calculated in the binary format of 1024x1024x1024 othewise it isn't a true Gb.

    Most bandwidth calculations are done by the host on the routers using things like MRTG graphs.

    I know of some host that only bill outgoing bandwidth, dedicated hosts almost always bill for all traffic both in and out.

    Log files, part of the users quota? Depends on your server configuration and whether you want to or not. I do tend to include log files in the quota but only because I rotate them daily and compress them.. to make them much smaller.

    You can write a script to set as a cron job to analyse those log files regularly to calculate out going bandwidth.

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