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    Unhappy it doesnt give an error and it doesnt work!

    Im doing a form that insert the values of the formfields entered into the database.. the page works just fine with no errors at all, however, it doesnt insert anything.. and im sure all the field properties are correct.. varchar for all of them and id for id with auto increment..

    while (list($name, $value) = each($HTTP_POST_VARS)) {

    echo "$name = $value<br>\n";
    } ;
    if ($submit){

    $db=mysql_connect ("localhost", "uname", "pword") or die ('I cannot connect to the database.');
    mysql_select_db ("saydnaya_requestatour");

    $tourname = $_POST["tourname"];
    $numberofpeople = $_POST["numberofpeople"];
    $language = $_POST["language"] ;
    $transport = $_POST["transport"] ;
    $date = $_POST["date"] ;
    $budget = $_POST["budget"] ;
    $hotel = $_POST["hotel"] ;
    $nationality = $_POST["nationality"] ;
    $email = $_POST["email"] ;
    $name = $_POST["name"] ;

    $sql = "INSERT INTO 'tourrequests' (tourname, numberofpeople, language, transport, date, budget, hotel, nationality, email, name) VALUES ('$tourname', '$numberofpeople', '$language', '$transport', '$date', '$budget', '$hotel', '$nationality', '$email', '$name')";

    $result = mysql_query($sql);
    echo "Thank you for request a tour, you will be emailed with the price quotation shortly" ;

    } else {

    page comes then close the else..

    try filling it in.. it will work and you will end up in the thank you page, with what u entered.. however, the data is not inserted to the db for some reason.. this is driving me mad, anyone has any ideas?


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    I'm not deep into the *sql thing yet so maybe my suggestion isn't valid but whereby your values are variable, try removing the quotes
    .. just an idea

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    nope.. doesnt work.. thanks for ur suggestion anyway.. this bug is driving me nuts :-(

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    I'd check for an error message, something like:

    $query = mysql_query($sql) or die("Cannot query the database.<br>" . mysql_error());


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    You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'than USD 500, **, TEST, TEST, TEST)' at line 1

    argh.. i cant understand whats the problem.. anyways thanks lats.. but i dunno how to debug sql errors.. anyone knows how?

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    You've got a problem with the insert of variables.

    If the variable is a string is should be enclosed in single quotes, if it's a numeric value you don't need the quotes (but only if the field in the table is structured to only accept numeric values)

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    do you mean in the query or in defining the vars?

    Besides, what should the fields be set to accept numeric and non numeric data?

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    I can't answer that... it depends on how you configured your database.

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    thanks anyways rich2k.. i guess this will never work with me.. i better try the other way.. mail() function to directly email me the ofrm results but the problem there.. i dont know how to put all the variables into one variable.. and arrays are not allowed in mail() function

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    As Rich2k said, check your conditions on your SQL fields.

    for example:

    varchar(2) won't accept 'Jimmy Jones and the Funky Bunch'

    int(5) won't accept 'lick'

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    looks like one of your variables to be inserted has a single quote in it. Check each variable for single quotes and replace it with \' ... like so:

    $var = ereg_replace("'","\'",$var);
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    check your...

    magic quotes settings in the php.ini

    also your register globals settings

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    Cannot query the database.
    Column count doesn't match value count at row 1

    Latest error.. i removed most fields and still got the error so i put at the end of the query $lastvariable, ')" see that comma and single quote? thats what removed the errrors lol, now i have that error.. and ive no idae what it means.. i dont have much experience in SQL

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