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    Online Gaming, what games do you play?

    Anyone play PC games online, if so what are they, are there alot of users online, how are the servers, and how is the game?

    I play Star Wars: Jedi Outcast.
    Its problably the best game I have ever played online, alot of people still play it, though its starting to die down.

    Return to castle wolfenstien.
    Great game, pretty hard to get good at it, tons of people play it.

    Let me know which games you play online, I need something new to spend time on.
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    *rant* Counter Strike - Got the damn 1.5 update 3 times now and EVERY time I get a damn I/O error. *

    I own a browser based game though

    Age of Empires 2 - going to play it with a friend from school....what he doesnt know is, I am gonna smash him!

    I got Diablo 2 - Doesnt fit on my computer currently, played it once - never opened it again.

    Counter Strike I want to get back into, to get away from this damn endless coding
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    Battlefield 1942 (Demo) - one of the best online (FPS) games ever
    Medal of Honour Allied Assault - Very similar to RTCW but better
    Soldier of Fortune 2 - Another excellent game with nonstop action
    Delta Force Black Hawk Down (Demo) - I haven't actually played this one myself, but I believe it rocks, will be similar to the previous delta force titles.

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