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    shopping cart offerings

    I would like to hear from other web hosting companies out there about the need to offer shopping carts.

    I was woundering if you feel the need to have shopping cart software pre-installed or available for your users? are users truely wanting this or are most installing their own?
    I am talking about good $$$ carts like miva.


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    shopping carts are a support nightmare

    miva is nice cause all support is via miva

    we tell clients to get shopping carts on their own and we avoid the problems--regardless of who the end user is there are ALWAYS PROBLEMS

    look at oscommerce good, free, support forums for the end users

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    That is a good point and is one of the main reasons we dont offer it to our users. As each client wants something different and the support is nuts. Plus we never wanted to fork over $5k for miva long ago....

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    I found that the ones in cpanel are crap

    oscommerce and x-cart are pretty good.

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    I give my vote for miva and oscommerce as well. We offer oscommerce, however, not pre-installed, but users can have it automatically installed from the control panel if they would like. Haven't had any major support problems with it. Although, I will say that most of my clients do not use osCommerce or need that functionality for their web site. - Providing powerful web site hosting, e-commerce, and design solutions.
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    I would say that though Miva is great, and we offer it, it is then up to the customer to purchase the license for it. We personally use SecureNetShop as our shopping cart. I like it because is online based and secure. We recommend it to our customers that need it also. The cost is nominal and they provide great support also.
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    Have to agree with XXXMgmt. I also like SecureNetShop, it was very easy to incorporate into an existing site and product pages. Customers don't really notice that they are taken to an external store for processing.

    And at $79 a quarter, it is pretty reasonably priced.

    Plus,it is one of the few shopping cart services that actually keeps data encrypted on their servers. Actually it is the only one that I found when I researched. For most shopping cart services, secure transactions are secure only while data is trasnmitted to and from via a browser. It isn't actually secure on their servers. For some shopping cart services I looked into, encrypting stored sensitive data was a novel idea. (As though servers are never hacked)

    As far as offering a shopping cart to customers, I imagine it would be a headache to manage unless the system is simple.
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    Sunshop is one we are using for our clients.

    Its coded in php and excellent support from the developers..

    Looks good out of the box without much modification.

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