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    running cgi scripts from different folder


    I want to be able to run .cgi or .pl scripts from a folder othan then my cgi-bin folder.

    How do I do this?


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    Put the files in a different folder you want it to run from.

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    no - this doesn't work.

    When the file whatever.cgi is in the cgi-bin folder it will get exectued when accessing through

    however is whatever.cgi is in the folder then accessing it through the browser actually shows the contents of the file (in this case perl code) rather then executing the file.

    yes - it has execute permissions.

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    The server needs to have global CGI execution configured.

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    LOL - that's like saying "The bag full of money is right over............ahh i'll tell you next wee"

    so how do you do that?

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    If using apache, make sure you have "ExecCGI" directive for the "folder other than the cgi-bin folder". Or you could just have "AllowOveride" and drop an .htaccess file into that "folder" with "ExecCGI" enabled.

    If you're using suexec, make sure that the "other folder" has the correct permissions.

    Post what's currently in your httpd.conf file (if you're using apache) for more information.
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