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    Gigenet - quick initial review

    I another thread recently I done a 5 year review for another provider hover circumstance changed and I took on a couple of Gigenet servers ( relatively high end)
    Sales were extremely efficient working with me to achieve what I needed at a price I was comfortable with, replies were fast and concise so I ended up with 2 new machines and backup service.
    Normally I don't need a lot of support and for the first few weeks nothing bar rDNS set ups - However I ran into some serious post migration issues over the past few days that had me stumped, support has been some of the best I have ever received both in speed and efficiency - a big thank you in particular to Alex who I must have been driving nuts.
    Anyway I sincerely hope I will be coming back to this thread in 5 years time to update it.

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    Thanks for your initial comments. Please come back with more as you said. Please report the domain for verification by the mods.

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