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    Questions about a proxy...

    Hello, I'm obviously new to the forum, i only have a couple questions and i'll be out of your hair. thanks in advance.
    I'm looking for a 'proxy server' to hide my IP/identity. I've recently been hacked and had a ton of problems, and i would like to be as invisible as possible.
    I have tried a few places, one is just for surfing the web, its a site called This site is OK, but lots of sites restrict it because they know its a proxy and don't allow them.
    I've read a lot about vpns, just simply changing my IP address by using
    IE > Tools > internet options > connections > Lan settings > use a random IP/port from the net, but somehow i feel this is not solid at all. To tell you the truth, i've googled and there is a overwhelming amount of information about this topic that I just don't have the capacity nor the need to know.
    All I want is the explanaion in a nutshell and the solution to be as full proof as possible.
    I know this is asking a lot coming from the site newb, like i said, I appreciate your responses in advance.

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    you can go to and randomly pick proxies from the list. Pronproxy has been around a while, so it's probably been blocked by a lot of networks... as proxies get older they get blocked, so it's best to switch to newer ones. I have a proxy site,, and I switch IPs every few weeks to try avoiding being blocked.

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    Originally Posted by jphilipson, and I switch IPs every few weeks to try avoiding being blocked.

    Just an FYI, my corporate TrendMicro has your website flagged so I had to do a manual override to get to it. It was flagged due to you links in your footer. Just so you know.

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