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    Anyone Else ?

    Anyone else recently gotten a ad in the mail from Verisign ? It says "Transfer for $15" ? I have a few domains from godaddy and have had them for a few years now,i have never gotten any type of advertisments at my home since i use my po box in my who-is.The funny thing is today i checked my "home mailbox" and seen a ad they had sent me,it now makes me wonder how they got my home address when i dont even use VeriSign,mostly all of my internet,etc stuff is sent to my po box.

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    there's all sorts of ways to get your personal info...

    whois record:
    address is right there
    phone number (use this to do a reverse look up)

    zip code - if you use a po box, your zip code is most likely in the same town, so they look up your name in that town

    and the list goes on....

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