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    portfolio suggetions

    Please have a look at my site .

    Husband laid off 2 weeks ago, my contract came to an end this week. (we're doomed).

    Any suggetions for grab you pieces? I'm so stressed to find work I can't think anymore.



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    I do not know if this is going to make you feel any worse but I would start over on it. There are plenty of sites that offer free web templates for you to populate your site with. is one of the many many of them out there. Try one and use that till you get one of your own layouts up there. Hope that helped!
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    The music's gotta go : )

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    First off I wish you and your husband luck.

    Things will work out for you.

    And I see nothing wrong with the site.

    Looks good, I would probably cut the music.

    Now I'm not an expert in designing but I see nothing wrong with it.


    PS I would probaby take the personal info off when previewing sites on forums.

    Just a thought
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    Yeah, removing the personal info would be good, too many freaks in the world you dont want knocking on the door.

    I reviewed the site quickly. There are things that I would change of course but if you want to email me or hit me up on ICQ I would be more than happy to assist you.

    The best thing I can say about work is NETWORK YOUR ASS OFF. Talk to everybody about what you do. The people in the salon, the food store, restaurant. Everywhere there are always peole looking to ge things done you just have to dig them up and then prove to them that you can do the work.

    I went from pulling in close to $100k with bonuses to $0 in a day. So I know what it is like.

    I busted ass and have $6k worth of invoices in this week.

    It is hard work staying up till 3 and 4am and then getting back up at 9 and doing it all over again.

    You can do it, if you need help or a pep-up email let me know. There are also plenty of us veterens (SP) around here that will help.

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    Huh!!! I waited for 4 minutes and it shows it is still loading.

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    Very slow to load.

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