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    cogent vs quality bandwidth

    what's the difference between cogent and quality bandwidth? Why is cogent considered crappy?

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    I could put it more professionaly but I won't,
    Cogent's peering sucks!
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    This is a controversial topic. Do a search on the forum about Cogent:

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    yeah, I wasn't trying to imply that cogent is crappy. I was just asking why some people consider it crappy because a lot of people seem to feel that way, and I don't understand the difference between the two.

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    cogent just is a different product it works for some and others it doesnt, its not as fast and its routing isnt as good as some tier1's but its also a 1/10 of the price.

    For instance from my home road runner connection to a premium carrier i get 20ms but to a cogent demarc i get 120ms.

    Its up to you to decide if the cost savings is worth getting a lower quality solution.

    youll find that the people who use cogent will rant and rave about how its the best thing since sliced bread, and those who havent detest it.

    We sell both so my opinion is about the most unbiased youll see. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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    It depends on the use,

    For gameservers, i wouldn't count on cogent, but for almost anything else, Cogent is the way to go, and even if not used almost exclusively, you should at least have it in the mix (financially), unless you're some huge corporation thats too big to care about expenses

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    I think the reputation for cogent being 'crappy' is based more on the fact that 'cogent hosts' use them and no-one else (or a single backup provider). Cogent is in our mix too, but it's one of *many*. If cogent fulfils the prophecy of a few here and goes belly up in the tank tomorrow, it won't make much difference to hosts who use multiple providers. If a host however uses cogent as their only provider, then things will look mighty grim for them. (Note: single provider hosts of any flavor - not just Cogent - would be in the same leaky boat)

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