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    holy ***.. overture faulty!!!

    oh advertising with overture for a few days and didnt really gt any traffic from it...but just then i checked my log and had a few comin in from overture...i wonder why..i remember only bidding 20cent per i went to overture and type in the key word. the results was displayed..and i saw a company bidding $20 per click on the keyword...i was like..holy crap...some big company??..i looked at the looks familiar! it was MINEE!!!..

    apparently..i typed 020 because my . didnt work or something..!!

    the thing is..i thought $20 was crazy and only bid it by mistake!. but surprisingly..listed 2nd place was valueweb bidding at $19.99!!! thats some crazy advertising!

    now..the most impressive part is...i didnt get charge for those $20 clicks!!!!. i blieve with overture..when someone clicks your link..your balance will be deducted in real time.! my account balance was $50..i recieved 8 clicks from the $20 keyword. so that should of cost me $$160? but my balance is still $49.80!!! haha! well...i gotta keep my fingers crossed and hope that they wont charge me for it. i dont think they can though..i have only $49.80 in my account!

    btw..i had 1 order from it too!.
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    Sounds like you got a nice deal LOL

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    This is pretty funny. How long would you say you were #1? 1 minute? etc.. The reason I ask, is I wonder how many clicks the #1 gets and would love to see how much someone pays per month roughtly.

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    Re: holy ***.. overture faulty!!!

    Originally posted by Aplusmedia
    but surprisingly..listed 2nd place was valueweb bidding at $19.99!!! thats some crazy advertising!
    Just to clarify, that wouldn't necessarily mean that valueweb was actually paying $19.99; what you see is their maximum bid. Assuming autobidding is being used, they're paying one cent above the max bid of the listing below theirs.
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    Overture worked good for me when I was starting out. I only spent about $100 [maybe a little more] and was bidding on my targeted keyword [Multiple Domain Hosting] for around $0.15/click. That was feasible. The keyword had pretty good demand and there wasn't many other providers using that keyword. But now it's all crazy. Bah.

    If you can get that market niche and secure the right keywords with good demand and limited competition, that's a good start. Google is still the king. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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