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    Seeing what type of intrest

    We have developed a very streamline backend scripting language that can be used to "plug into" different control panels or even run commands right off a web page (if desired).

    The cool thing about the language is that is runs independently from the O/S (we just build little translation programs) so we don't have to reprogram the entire thing each time a new O/S or program comes out.

    We do have additional development to work on the product as well as easy to follow documentation, but what would someone be willing to pay for such a backend product, or if we built the front end as well?

    Here is some of the things we can do..

    Basic Mail Commands (Sendmail, Imail, Qmail +)

    - Add, Remove, Suspend, Modifications, Alias, Passwords

    FTP Commands (to many to mention)

    - Add, Remove, Mod, Del, Quota

    Web Sites (IIS, Apache, more to come)

    -Add, Remove, Front Page, Stats (a few different pacakages), PHP, CGI, more...
    -Can add additional features pretty easy

    We also have DNS, Database, and other features too. I don't want my post to last forever.

    Let me know what you think!

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    is it free??

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