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    Post Charge over usage.

    Say the client is on a $10 plan with 10gigs and he gos over 2gigs on the 3rd week.

    Which way should i go about it. Send him an email with a link to enter his cc info and pay for the 2 gigs extra?

    I was thinking waiting till end of month but then the recurring charges on hostcharge will charge him already the monthly plan fee.. if send a email for extra 2 gigs, dont think he would like 2 statements of hostcharge(next months fee pay and this months 2 gigs usage)

    So yeah, im lost

    Phpmanager + Hostcharge...

    Which way would a host go on about it?
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    What what I do is this..

    With cpanel, it will suspend his account if it goes over it's allocated usage. Change the suspended page to basically tell them to contact you

    Then you make them pay upfront for an extra gig or so.

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    I notify them when they reach around 80% usage and remind them that if they go over, their account will be suspended. If they wish to avoid suspension, they can purchase an extra gig. It's then up to them
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    We do it opposite.. I mean I feel like we need to have some trust in our customers, I know that how I would like to feel if I were in there seat. Anything under 5gigs I usually bill at the beginning of the next month and send a seperate invoice for that. If it starts to go over I notify them of the overage and typically if its under 10gigs I dont ask them to pay. I think if you get on people and tell them there account is going to be suspended then they feel like they are being punished and feel like they are not being trusted.. We have never really had a problem doing it with this method with the exception of one bad apple over the last 9 months and hey there is always going to be one or two bad apples in the bunch.. thats just my 2 cents..

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    We treat things in a similar fashion to OKIhost. We keep an eye and if we see it's nearing the limit, we talk with the customer about it. Personally I'd rather see them upgrade to the next level plan than upset or even lose the customer over a small amount of money.

    We've had occurances where the overage was just a one time thing and we've let it go. I don't see anything gained by being a hard ass with customers.

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    Clients that have just gone over their limit appreciate a $0 invoice.



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    We send an email as soon as it becomes obvious that they will likely go over their limit yet prior to them actually going over their limit.

    The emails provides them with three options...

    1. Continue using the account as-is and expect an invoice for the over usage...

    2. Upgrade the package to avoid the over-usage fee (upgrades are cheaper)

    3. Request that we deactivate the account when it reaches the limit and reactivate it on the new month to avoid any extra fees at all.

    If they choose option #1, we simply send an invoice for the over-usage at the end of term, this way we know exactly how much was used in the month and can charge accordingly without 'guessing' and/or risking the need to send yet another invoice later or a refund.

    The invoice notes a due date of "today" and we allow a reasonable amount of time for it to be paid which takes into consideration their next due date, postal mail time etc...

    The above is how we handle clients that have been with us a while and have already proven they are responsible enough to pay their bills as well as "reasonable amounts of over usage" with new clients.

    If however, the client does not have a history with us yet and is going to go 20GB or more over what came with their package, we send a notice requesting a good-faith payment to continue using the services beyond thier allocated limits. Here we usually require at least 50% of the estimated usage to be paid.
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    We definitely bill a customer for their overages, but first we do monitor their usage, if we see that they are going to go over we warn them, and let them know that they can buy extra bandwidth, we also inform them of what the overage fee is if they don't purchase this on their own. We haven't really had a problem with anyone as far as this, just had one individual who was running 40GB over on a 20GB plan, and he is still keeping pace to go over what he finally purchased. I will again have to contact him and let him know that he will exceed his bandwidth.
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    We have found that 90% of people will pay for their overages when they go over. (Only a small percentage of people actually want their site suspended once they reach their limit). So, what we do is we send an email at about 80% saying that their site is about to go over, and if they want to prevent it from being suspended, they must agree to pay for the overage. We also say that they must respond telling us whether to suspend it or allow it to go over. Typically more than 75% respond immediately saying they agree to pay extra. We only get a small percentage saying they wish to have it be suspended.

    When the account is close to it's limit, we always upgrade the bandwidth to prevent it from being suspended unless the customer specifically said they wanted it to be suspended. If it is only a couple of gigs, we will never suspend the account. At the end of the month we send out invoices for any overage amount. If the client says "I did not want it to go over" we simply make a note of that and reduce their overage charge to $0. This has only happened a couple of times, so we don't really lose too much money doing this.

    We have gotten a couple of people who came back from vacation around the 5th of the next month and say "Thank you so much for not suspending the account. I was away and could not respond." They are so appreciative when they find out that you did not suspend the account, they tell all their friends and stick with you for years. This is usually the best time to say "Don't worry about the overage, we will cover it this time". That just makes them even more happy, and it only costs us a couple of bucks. I figure we spend so much time and money trying to get new customers, why not spend a little money on your current clients to insure that they will never leave?

    Sometimes it doesn't even really cost us anything. Like if we committed to 10Mbps for the month and only used 9.5Mbps. So why not pass on that savings to them instead of trying to get a couple of bucks out of them?

    Anyway, I'm kind of rambling, so I'll stop now! hehe...

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    We bill it for the next cycle, but we also keep a deposit from the customer for one month of fees. Payment for each term is due on the first day of that term (month) and overage is due on the first day of the next term.

    It comes down to credit sometimes - if we can't get in touch with them to warn them, and they have no credit with us but will be going over by more than $50, we have to suspend.
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    Well, the original poster doesn't have the luxury anymore or warning in advance... I think he should just notify the client of the overage and eat it this month only. But along with the notification, also say that an upgrade is available (and give the info) or, starting next month, the following overages apply.

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