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    any experience with Adaptec 1200a ?

    I've heard good things about Adaptec 2400a RAID controller 4 channel , but barely heard about the brother 1200a with 2 channels. Anybody have good or bad experience with 1200a ? I'm planning to run it on my personal redhat 7.3 to serve 4 disks since I can buy it cheaper than that buggy Promise Fasttrak driver.

    Thank you

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    Check it out thoroughly before you buy. I don't believe it runs on linux. Or at least that is what their site says. I don't know if it actually will not run on linux or if they just won't support it. I was thinking it was kind of like those 'winmodems' that came out a while back and were really cheap but just absolutely would only run on windows. Anyway... be sure to talk to someone who has one running on linux before you shell out the cash!

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    Hi jakis,

    I believe you can only put 1 driver per channel on most IDE RAID cards, IDE does support 2 drives per channel, but it shares the bandwidth between the two drives - not what you want with RAID, so most manufacturers limit you to 1 driver per channel with IDE RAID. The 2400A runs under linux, so I can't see why the 1200A wouldn't.

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    Any result on this ?

    Would like to know if the 1200A card supports Linux ?

    anybody ?

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    Adaptec 1200S Specifications

    No, it doesn't support linux or unix for that matter.

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    RAID for Linux

    When I last did research on this, the list of RAID cards supported by Linux was a very short one - Mylex. Anything else would require a custom compiled kernel, but the Mylex driver is already compiled into shipping Red Hat kernels.

    I've had bad luck with FastTrak drivers - they only work with initial kernel releases, not the latest kernels, so you're really stuck.

    I've used Adaptec cards with good results under Windows, but Adaptec has yet to get Red Hat to compile support into shipping kernels so you have to do this yourself. And even then, the attempts are being made for SCSI raid cards, not IDE raid cards.

    If you're using IDE drives, my suggestion would be to use software raid and save the $$ you'd spend on a controller card.

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    I second that!. After intensive test with many cards - adaptec , 3ware, promise. It turn out that for RAID 0 , 1 on normal usage. I 'd better run Linux native software RAID on 2 IDE slots , don't waste money for useless 2 port RAID controllers. I'd only buy 4 port RAID card for specific usage like RAID 5 , 0+1

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