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    C++ Programer with PHP Mysql Intergration

    Im Planing On Starting a Gaming Network ( and need some programers one-two for the software / admin sys and one for profile sys registering and admin cp tourney sys and rating sys (whew alot) if some programers can post prices time range it would be great....

    thanks -master_tee

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    email sent.


    Marian Software on the Web

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    I am a freelance web & application developer based in Connecticut. Currently my partner and I am in the process of starting a web & application development firm specializing in the following areas. We are also available for work before the firm is offically opened.

    Evolve3 Media Solutions Service Offering:
    • Web Design & Development
    • Programming & Integration
    • Interface & Interactive Media Development
    • Maintenance
    • Project Planning & Strategy

    Most Current Work
    For further information and a price quote please feel free to contact us.

    Contact Information

    Phone: 860.621.0148
    Email: [email protected]

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