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Thread: Need some help.

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    Exclamation Need some help.

    ok, this may be a little off topic for this forum but here goes.
    Someone has been sending....and sending a lot of goldfish virus emails to a site that is hosted on my raq3i. Now they are using random pop accounts from legit websites. I have notified the site owners of this activity.
    So here goes the big question. How do I trace where the email is realy comming from other that what is says in outlook???


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    I guess his IP will be in the logfiles of the server that was used sending the mail..
    Just a guess..

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    Check the full headers of the email. That should shet some light on it. Or you to analyze the email.

    PM me if you need more help.

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  4. #4 a panic I forgot all about the maillog. anyways it's comming from a AOL relay server...figures.

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